In their world, colors are not as many as we can imagine.

Yet, the colors of their souls go far beyond our imagination.

The special love for animals, especially dogs, has always accompanied me, from childhood to adulthood, ever growing.

The loyalty, kindness, simplicity and directness in their eyes move me.

As time passes, they sculpted me into who I am, In a sense, we are one.

The ultimate result of that empathy has led me not only to the path of professional dog handling but my instinct of sculpting as well.

Instinct does not compare to genius but more candid and sensitive. And once awoken, it sent me on a momentum.

The hustle and bustle, triumphs and frustration of my dog show career has inspired me to follow my intuition.

Every conversation between my fingers and clay is more or less an enlightening debate, the winner of which is never the affirmative nor the negative, but the unique soul that provokes such discourse.

I try to be the lead and supporting actor in this, following the transcendence from clay to bronze.

This serendipity, ten years in the making, has finally taken you and me to this space.

Thank you and welcome to my works, may you bear witness to such candid soul and subtle sentiment.

Fan Yu

2019 Autumn