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Since 2009, Fan received numerous enquiries about custom animal sculptures from owners, breeders and even Kennel Clubs in the worldwide. He has been commissioned by multiple national breed clubs such as the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, the prestigious Santa Barbara Kennel Club, and the AKC Museum of the Dog.

  • Best in Show trophy for Santa Barbara Kennel Club Breeders Showcase from 2010-2020
  • Memorial trophy for Santa Barbara Kennel Club commemorating Dr. Richard Meen
  • Memorial trophy for American Giant Schnauzer Club commemorating Mrs. Maryann Bisceglia
  • Best in Show trophy for the American Portuguese Water Dog National Specialty 2015
  • "Triple Crown" trophy for the American Whippet Club
  • 2015 FCI New Site Inauguration Ceremony present, by China Kennel Union (CKU)
  • 2016 China Kennel Union 10th Anniversary special present, by CKU
  • 2018 China first Arabian Horse Show special present 
  • No.1 dog of America 2019 Bono the Havanese for the AKC museum of the dog
  • Medallion trophy for the Giant Schnauzer Club of America

Creating each sculpture is an enjoyable, touching, and challenging process for Fan Yu, especially when the creation process is coming to a close and animal’s expression is being presented precisely, he will talk with his art works spontaneously like the real animal is in front of him. He once said each time when he finish the sculpture commissioned by the dog owner, he just felt he was like the other owner of the dog, the interactions of his fingers and clay bring him the conversation of the souls. From a piece of clay to a finished sculpture just like taking care of the dog for a lifetime, the emotion, inspiration and encourage for Fan Yu really cannot simply defined by words,If you would like to commission a new piece from Fan, please read below.

Sizes & Prices

Fan is committed to create the sculpture that best represents your beloved animal and try the best to help you satisfied with the best design and price quoted.(from 12” standard size to life size, even larger ,a head or a bust ) 

12"-16" for the longest side of measurement ,start from $6,500 US Dollers

20" for the longest side of measurement ,start from $7,500 US Dollers

24" for the longest side of measurement ,start from $8,500 US Dollers

Life size or even larger size please contact us for price and order details.

Numbers of Limited Edition

All Fan's sculptures are using the "Lost wax method" cast into high quality bronze by the top fine art foundry with small numbers of limited edition.

Limited Edition of 9, the customer will get edition 1/9.
Limited Edition of 3, the customer will get edition 1/3. (double the price)
Single Edition, the customer will get the one and only edition. (at triple the price)
(All the above edition will cast two additional pieces as artist copy edition)

Production Time

The creation from original wax sculpt to bronze casting process will take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete.

Photos are essential to help capture the uniqueness, characteristics, structure, coat layer and condition of your superior animal. Extensive photos are welcome and required.


1. Down payment

The down payment is half of the full amount, which is used to hold the order of reservation for the commission list. (Non-refundable)

2. Final payment

The final payment shall be paid within one week before the sculpture started. If there is a delay, the reservation will continue to be hold until the final payment been paid to start the sculpting process.



After the bronze completed all the processes, we will provide the most professional packaging and transportation for your sculpture. Customers usually receive the sculpture smoothly within one to three weeks after paying these fees.

There are various payment method, you can make your payment via cash payment, cheque payment, bank transfer, Wire transfer (for overseas clients), PayPal, Alipay, and Wechat Pay. (Please note, some small addition service charge might be asked if you choose to pay with bank or PayPal)

Please contact to start commission process or ordering stock bronze.