fanyu dog brozne sculpture

Fan devotes most of his time in pursuit of higher realms of art and the artistic creation. He was beginning to participate in exhibitions from 2018. Besides the satisfaction and achievements brought by honor, Fan Yu hopes the process of creating will also be an opportunity for reflection and self-examination, helping him maintain an objective and ever-advancing attitude towards creation, that’s part of what make him success.

In August 2019, after more than six months’ planning, Fan held his first solo sculpture exhibition "Fan-tastic" at Pure Ground Gallery in Beijing Art Landmark 798 Art District, which became an turning point in his sculpture career and made the year 2019 another milestone year. He specially invited one of the greatest sculptors in our time - Mr. Nick Bibby from the United Kingdom, who greatly influenced him in the field of sculpture and the most important sculptor for him to wrote a preface for his first exhibition. This was a great encouragement and honor for Fan, making "Fan-tastic" full of significance. The exhibition displayed 30 sculptures in bronze created by Fan since 2009 which greatly impressed and overwhelmed the audience, becoming a sensational feast of fine art and sensory pleasure for fanciers. Many people can’t help being moved to tears when they saw Fan’s works, they contain enormous vitality and bursting physicality.




  • Arabian Horse: "Leader" - Finalist of American Artists Professional League 90th Grand National Exhibition at Salmagundi Club, New York.


  • Clumber Spaniel: "The Greatest Love" - Finalist of 14th International ARC Salon Competition 2019.
  • "Running Whippet"- The de Laszlo Foundation Award for Excellence and Finalist of Royal Society of British Artist Annual Exhibition at Mall Gallery, London.
  • Afghan Hound: "Moon Walking" - Award in honor of Paul Jeynes and Finalist at 106th Allied Artists Annual Exhibition at Salmagundi Club, New York.
  • Arabian Horse、Afghan Hound&Rottweiler exhibiton at Art Beijing. 


  • Afghan Hound "Moon Walking"、German Shepherd "Dauntless" Finalist of Royal Society of British Artist Annual Exhibition at Mall Gallery, London.