Airedale Terriers ("Gracious Invitation")

H8" x L15" x W7"
Edition of 9
$5,000 USD

They are the largest members of the Terrier family and are known as the king of Terrier. Because the outstanding obedience and brave personality, they performed exceptionally in World War I and quickly became a world famous dog.

Phil & Zeta won the best in show of the 2016 Santa Barbara Dog Show Breeders showcase.

After the show, I went to congratulate Christian and Jenny who were the handlers shown them and took a lot of photos as reference materials for the sculpture. During the process, I found that they like playing very much, especially Phil. As a boy, he will do his best to please Zeta, it gave me a lot of inspiration, so this work been created, and I named it the "Gracious Invitation".

Airedale Terrier