Miniature Schnauzer (Twister)

H8" x L10" x W9.5"
Edition of 9
$4,000 USD


 CH Regency's Twist of Fate



In 2003, it was the second year that I officially entered the dog show world. Miniature Schnauzer was the first breed that I personally trained and showed. The affection I put into this breed was immeasurable.

Compared with the United States, which had a century-old history of dog shows at that time, the newly started Chinese dog shows were a blank sheet of paper. At that time, my heart was full of yearning for "Quality", and I tried my best to gain and achieve something.

Regency Miniature Schnauzer, founded in 1972 by the great late Ms. Beverly Verna who was a legendary Miniature Schnauzer breeder in The US .

The name of Regency is like a mountain street lamp, providing a direction and motivation for a thirsty enthusiast like me. In 2010, Ms. Bev was invited by Mr. Sonny Wang who is the owner of Sunny’s Kennel, to come to Beijing teaching a three-day Miniature Schnauzer professional seminar. A deep friendship between me and Ms. Bev was established since then.

In 2011, Ms. Beverly invited me and my photographer friend Mr.Ego Lv to her home in the suburbs of Tracy, California, to discuss the plan of making the sculpture of Twister who is her all time favorite and proud dog from her breeding. I am still felt honored by this commission, and I am very grateful to my friend Mr.Ego Lv for recording this precious memory with his camera.




It is a meritorious miniature schnauzer breeder bred by Ms. Beverly with her lifelong efforts and experience. He was American #1 Miniature Schnauzer in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Winning 312 Best of Breed, 151 Group placement, 78 Group 1st, 27 Best in Specialty Show including 7  National Specialty and 11 All breed Best in Show, becoming one of the greatest miniature schnauzers in the history.




The sculpting process went very smoothly, because I got burned in my heart from this breed so deeply and Twister was an unique dog that own his one off characteristics to let me easy to capture his real soul and spirit.

I elaborately designed a capital letter R as the base, representing Regency, the greatest Miniature Schnauzer kennel of this era. Seeing this piece again now, it brings back deep memories for Ms. Bev and her beloved Twister.