Pekingese (LongEr&LanEr)

H3" W3" D4.5" (each)
Edition of 99 (pair)
$1,500 USD


The great Chinese Nation created the rich and colorful Oriental culture 

Pekingese has a history of thousands of years from royal breeding that symbolizes nobility and power,They became a model of the world's most noble dog

As a Beijing native I am a unique affection for the Beijing and Chinese traditional culture and also for the culture of dogs

For as long as I can remember,I often saw the seniors followed by an ingot-shaped (or pear shaped) Pekingese on the streets and alleyways,It was the fondest memory of my childhood

As time goes by,all the new development and construction in Beijing is diminishing small alleys and old buildings,The Old "Beijing-style" is being blurred by the trend of diversification,Pekingese can rarely be seen in recent years on the streets

I hopes by creating these two bronze sculptures, it can be a testament to the ancient Capital of this historic Imperial City that would carry on the history forever

" " and " "

were created and named by my own

summarized my love and affection for the breed

They symbolize the true integrity and demeanor of the Chinese nation

also captured what in my mind of the undeniable essence and spirit of the Pekingese