Havanese (Bono)

H16" L22" W18"
Edition of 3
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I am extremely honored create this life-size bronze sculpture of BONO the Havanese, the No.1 dog in America 2019, commissioned by the AKC Museum of the Dog.



Thanks to Mr. Alan Fausel, director of the AKC Museum of the Dog, for his faith and entrustment .

Thanks to Ms. Joan Ambrose and the many Havanese lovers who have contributed generously to this sculpture.

Thanks to Bono's beloved breeders and owners, Mary King, Rafe Schindler, Patrina Walters Odette, Bruce Odette, Julie Vogel, and Taffe McFadden.

Thanks to Team Bono, also my second family McFaddens. You have built a new dimension to my world, filled with more love and dreams.

I would like to thank my family, my lover Amy and all my friends for their unconditional love and support.

Thank you Susan and Peter for taking care of us as a family in New York.

Thank you Bono

Thanks to all the dogs living on this planet.


from right to left: Mrs Mary King, Ms. Joan Ambrose, bronze Bono , Mrs Taffe Mcfadden&Bono and Fan

at the AKC Museum of the Dog, New York ,Feb 2020