Bichon Firse (Flynn)

H9.5” L9.5” W11”
Edition of 9
$4,500 USD

Flynn is the top winning Bichon in the US who is the one took the biggest ribbon at #westminsterdogshow on 2018 showed by Bill McFadden, judged by Mrs Betty-Anne Stenmark.

This is a commission piece from Flynn’s beloved breeder/owner Lorrie Carlton as a gift for herself and also for Flynn’s beloved owner Patrina Walters Odette.

This is the super special commission for me , as some of you knows, I have been breeding Bichon for over 10 years and did several grooming seminars and classes over the years.

Been part of the Team Mcfadden and did some grooming of Flynn during his show career which is the most beautiful memories in my life.

I felt so grateful to using my hands to create this sculpture, leave one more treasure in my life forever.